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Performers: Jan Lee, Rebecca Stancliffe, Anna Pearce, Katja Vaghi, Sylvia Ferreira

Music: Nahum 

Choreography: Corinne Jola


​The Place - London, 2013   - play video

Setback questions the notions of time, linearity, and speed, informed by contemporary scientific findings. The choreography embodies the lumpiness of the universe that produces the delay of certain light particles. The performance represents a platform where the audience and the dancers collide in time and space.


Setback does not represent science - the audience is free in how they like to create links between light particles and the dancers.


Nevertheless, for the curious minds here some scientific background: ​

Recent research findings by the MAGIC telescope located in a spanish desert found a tiny setback of light particles colliding on earth. Only a few seconds can offer a glimpse into a radical new theory in physics. This new theory puts Einstein’s relativity theory upside down. Light is not constant. Moreover, scientists look at the behaviour of these photons ​travelling through the universe in order to make inferences about the  behaviour of the smallest particles. The path from the universe to the earth is thus an analogy from our reality to the smallest particles invisible to us. It is impossible to imagine the distance these particles travel in all these billions of years; but it is even crazier to think in similar dimensions in the other direction, to the smallest particles.

'The opening, with its breathing frog-leg movement had great intensity'

'intricate movements' Maddy Morgan

'it's a clever choreographer (Corinne Jola) who can create such a state of movement'

'a languid slow-drift' with 'pleasing permutations' Lyndsey Winship

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