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My Theatre

My Theatre is currently in progress. It is part of a series of solo performances, devised by Daria Lippi. It is an invitation to a number of selected artists for the creation of a brief 30 minute solo performance in the making. 


As such, My Theatre is a living series of performances in the making, which gives performers a voice to share with the wider public the pluralistic realities and tools of their trade. My Theatre testifies the artistic journey, the research and the approach of the artist.


In My Theatre, I will explain my professional techniques in science and choreography to the wider public. The aim is to share knowledge and experience in form of an enjoyable platform.

You can play a first video of the work in progress after one week research on my vimeo site. The password is MyTheatre-WorkinProgress.

So far, My Theatre exists with Daria Lippi herself, Thusnelda Mercy (dancer and creative assistant Pina Bausch Company), Loic Touzé (dancer and choreographer), D' de Kabal (actor, author, rapper), Evelyne Istria (actress), Thomas Nucci (actor), and Clémentine Deluy (dancer, Sasha Waltz Company). All performances of My Theatre are in French. This is the first time My Theatre will be performed across borders and devised in French and English (Daria and I speak both languages).

My Theatre will be premiered in 2018 in Bataville (France) with performances following in the UK. 

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