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Ric and Elsa


Ric and Elsa is a site-specific Duo performed by Riccardo Buscarini  (The Place Prize finalist) and Elsa Petit, as part of the Deptford X festival "Chance to Dance" in South London, 2008. 

This piece is about friendship, helplessness, and the feeling of being lost in and through addiction. Its for the people on New Cross Square, a place where homeless, jobless, and alcohol addicted people used to gather when I lived nearby. When I rushed in to the corner shop late at night, too hungry to cycle home from dance rehearsals, I felt that while I was craving for food and a safe journey home, the people on New Cross Square desired not just another drink but friendship, love, and support. 

Ric and Elsa perform drunken falling and stumbling into support, friendship, and potentially love. My aim was to provide the local audience space for reflection by allowing them to see some of their issues from the outside. I hope that watching the piece made them think of their hopes and dreams , and let these be alive at least for the short time of the dance. 

Congratulations to Riccardo Buscarini who had already two works chosen for the finals of the prestigeous Place Prize (2012 and 2013)!  

The peformance Ric and Elsa was referenced in the book "The neurocognition of dance". 

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