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​Anna with Orange

This is a video from a rehearsal with Anna Finkel at Laban in 2008.  Anna performs a movement sequence I tought her and which she had the task to modify the movements of disruptions and loss of the object.  The seuquence emphasises performing 'a solo' and the sound score is the recording of a train trip I made. 

I wasn't really sure where to go with this solo - I would have loved to have her perform it in a galery with hundreds of oranges untill the space is smelling of oranges.  But I never had the chance to continue with it; however, I made a duo out of the movement material (see Ric and Elsa). 

Congratulations to Anna Finkel who was performing in the winning piece of the prestigeous Place Prize 'It Needs Horses' by Lost Dog in 2012!

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