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The installation has been featured in its various stages over the last two years at the following festivals/ locations:
- SmallBytes Festival by Creative Dundee and We Throw Switches in association with Creative Scotland, June 2016
- Dundee Science Festival, October 2015
- The Performer’s Cognition Workshop @ Fabrique Autonome des Acteurs, Bataville-France, August 2015
- Artists in Residence @ British Neuroscience Association Conference, Edinburgh, June 15
- Decoding Space Exhibition @ Hannah Maclure Centre Dundee, March 2015
- Park Festival by Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee City Centre, July 2014
The installation has been enjoyed by children and adults, dancers and non-dancers alike (see also or

Everybody Moves - EVE

By Lynn Parker and Corinne Jola

‘EVE’ is an interactive dance experience exploring embodiment, movement and space through experimentation with re-active animations and video. Participants are invited to explore, interpret and mix the systems’ effects to create their own personal unique dance experiences. This system forms part of on-going collaboration between Dr. Corinne Jola and Lynn Parker from Abertay University, exploring bridges between the arts, interactivity and science. Dr Corinne Jola is a lecturer in Psychology, a trained Choreographer (MA) of CoCoDanse and a cognitive neuroscientist (PhD). Lynn Parker is Programme Tutor for BA (Hons) Computer Arts and is interested in interactive media, the gallery and performance. Our aim is to get people dancing! 

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