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Brainstorm was performed three times in 2004.  It was part of my diploma in Dance Culture and got invited to perform at 'Tanzhaus Zurich' and at the annual dance fesival 'Tanz in Olten'.  It was cited in a German dance journal and in a book chapter.  The piece was an attempt to transmit the movements from the choreographer's mind to the audience by describing the movements verbally on audiotape to two dancers, who rehearsed individually and only met for the first time live on stage during the performance. 

Congratulations to Ursula Ledergerber who won the 2nd place in the Swiss Premio Competition after our collaboration (2005)

And to Andrea Schaerli for securing a PhD position at the ETH in Zurich.

Brainstorm was fatured in the book "bewegtes Tanz in Olten 1995- 2005" and in Tanzjournal Issue 5 vol 06 (Article in German: "Begriffskonfusion: Körperkonzepte im Tanz und in der kognitiven Neurowissenschaft.")


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