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Performers: Jan Lee, Adam Kirkham

Live musician: Stuart o'Connor 

Choreography: Corinne Jola


Looping under a Tree is a "godo-esque" interpretation of how we sometimes feel when stepping on the spot for too long; waiting for something to happen. Sometimes thought - things do change.



This was our second year in a row @ Resolution, this time we have been selected under the advanced EVOLUTION! scheme. 


Stuart and I met in 2006, when he got lost in London on the day he quit his day job to become a full-time musician and shortly before I got a little lost in my life too. 


Since his brave decision, he successfully looped across the globe with gigs in Japan, New Zeeland, Australia and wherever his van took him -  In the meanwhile I have  experimented with people's brains across Europe in several post-doc neuroscience jobs, slowly but consistenly establishing a scientific career with an artistic touch.

Looping under a Tree 

The Place - London, 2014

'flirtatiously fickle and winsome '  Donald Hutera

'The duet between Lee and Adam Kirkham seems to be a dream or distant memory – surreal and light, intangible but lingering similar to the concept of the performance.' Symone Keisha

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