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Performance as Part of IGNITE Dundee Design Festival 
@ Wellgate Centre, Dundee, 12. May - 14. May 2016. Photo credit: Ana Ines Jabares Jola

Anna With Orange

Concept and Choreography: Corinne Jola

Dance: Madira Gregurek

Costum Design: Jill Skulina

Set Design: Ana-Ines-Jabares Pita

Anna with Orange is an interactive and multisensorial performance/installation with energetic moves in an atmospheric space. The performance embodies the bitter-sweet nature of life - of joy and hardship, power and seduction from a feminine perspective.  Audiences witness the performer  going through transformative processes while they are surrounded by the acidic bittersweet smell  of oranges. The installation is inspired by the meanings of oranges, which have political, social and religious relevance throughout history. They are of course a delicious fruit, giving joy, providing a refreshing exotic taste - but they are also objects of conflict, often referred to as a fruit of promise. They also represent life in all its facets:  like oranges, one has to have a thick skin to combat life’s struggles.

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